Renewable energy is also known as clean energy; energy that has no horrible effects on the environment, but it has proven to help the environment a lot indeed. The generation of electricity by using natural resources like sunlight, wind and even water is the best way to get clean electricity indeed. Windmills and solar farms are actually powering a very clean energy revolution, and in this guide, I will talk about everything that you should know about it. Renewable energy is actually booming, and people are actually really excited about it, and many of them are actually adapting it indeed. It actually helps when bringing down the costs, and it also starts to deliver on the promise of the clean energy future that we all dream of. American solar and wind generation is actually breaking all kinds of records. One of the biggest companies that is shattering all kinds of records is Apple Inc. This company has actually come out and said that all of their facilities in the United States of America (the manufacturing facilities, the retail stores, the research facilities, every single building that is a part of Apple Inc) runs on 100% green and renewable energy. That is something that we should all be very proud of because it is one of the biggest companies in the world has actually started doing something that will benefit the environment and the world in such amazing ways indeed. They have actually laid down countless solar panels and also large windmills where they harness and generate clean electricity indeed.

You should also know about nonrenewable energy. This is also known as dirty energy. This would include the use of fossil fuels like gas, oil, coal, diesel and petrol as well. The source of energy that harm the environment with every use and also the energy that is not exactly available in abundance is ‘dirty’ energy. It would actually take millions of years to replenish indeed.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that, nonrenewable energy is only available in some landmasses (some specific parts of the world) and making them a lot harder to come by indeed. Well, doesn’t every single country have access to sunshine and wind? When the situation is like this, why can’t we adopt a cleaner and greener way to generate electricity?

Start implementing solar panels into your home. It would be best if you started harnessing solar energy and that can actually be used to power your homes. Instead of using the dirty energy that the government sells you, you can use the energy that you have harnessed yourself.

See if you can install a decent-sized windmill which will give you enough electricity to power your home. See if you can get both done. That would be the best option.

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