When one talks about green and renewable energy, what comes to your mind? Well, for me, I think about those large wind farms where all you can see are huge white metal wind turbines; and also I think about solar farms filled with solar panels. Solar panels are actually some of the most amazing creations till date because they harness the energy from the sun and they give us the one thing that we need the most to carry out our everyday activities; they give us electricity.

These two things are actually becoming an increasingly common and also a welcome sight in so many places around the globe because these two are some of the best ways to generate electricity is the greenest way possible. You may be wondering what the benefits of renewable energy may be. Well, there are so many of them actually. In this guide, I will actually be listing out some of the best benefits of renewable energy.

  • They help improve our health, because we would be breathing clean air if there are lesser pollutants in the air.
  • There will be significantly less global warming, and that is a fact indeed. Because of reckless human activities, the world is literally on fire (the Australian fires that have claimed the lives of 480 million innocent animals). When we make use of clean energy, there would be almost nothing released into the atmosphere that would cause global warming. The reckless human activities are overloading the atmosphere with too much carbon dioxide and also all other kinds of global warming emissions. These gases actually act as a blanket which traps the heat inside, and the result would be a rise in global temperatures, which later melts the ice near the poles. This is resulting in a rise in the sea levels, which later starts affecting the coastal cities.
  • The most renewable energy sources have actually been known to produce very little to no global warming emissions at all. That is why the word “renewable” is even there in it. Electricity generation from biomass can actually have a wide range of global warming emissions, and that would depend entirely on the resource.
  • It also helps the general public breathe cleaner air because these machines that generate clean energy release no harmful gases or any kind of emissions into the atmosphere. That is why people who are living in places like Delhi would rather prefer a gas chamber than going to the most polluted places in their own homeland. It is also said that the air that they are breathing in their own homes is very toxic, and many are developing lung-related issues because of that.

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