Wind Power Technology

Large scale wind farms


The UK has a large and growing collection of wind farms, both onshore and offshore.  These now generate a very significant portion of our green electricity.

In early 2013, renewable electricity comprised 12.8% of overall total power generated1 and of this, very nearly half [48.5%] was from wind power.

Although an intermittent energy source, wind energy’s variable output is readily able to be balanced by other sources on the grid, and every unit of wind electricity generated is a unit of high carbon electricity – from coal or gas – that does not need to be generated.  Wind energy thus has a very real impact on reducing carbon emissions.

Modern wind turbines are efficient, quiet and have a lifespan of around 20 years, paying back the energy used to construct them within their first 3-10 months of operation2.

WeatherEnergy is all about helping people to better understand what renewable energy can do for them.  Whilst wind energy – unlike solar PV or solar thermal – is generally a large-scale technology and not fitted directly to individual properties, its benefits can still be shared by all of us.