James A. Davidson


Building sustainability into your business model is probably high on your agenda. If you intend to make your business eco-friendly, you’ll want to make changes that go beyond defaulting to digital with an email signature that says, “think before you print.”

However, there’s an unusual problem you may face. Business-owners can be tenacious, laser-focused and determined. That’s what it takes to guarantee your business will grow and compete with the best. However, constantly striving for perfection can be stifling for progress. In some areas of running your business, it’s okay to run before you can walk.

When it comes to developing your green credentials, change your strategy. Transform your business incrementally, starting with what’s most achievable.

That means you should wait before you build a state-of-the-art sustainability haven to replace your office, warehouse or factory. Instead, look for quick wins that will have a big impact on your business, then work your way up to bigger things.

Make your business greener

Here are some ideas for developing your green credentials, building from quick and easy options to changes that will require a little more planning:

  1. Investigate

    – Start with an internal audit. Where are the obvious pitfalls?
    – Compare clean energy deals and switch to green business electricity.
    – Find a renewable website host to power your company website.

  2. Improve
    – Switch to energy-saving lightbulbs each time one needs to be replaced.
    – Permit remote working to save employees using fuel.
    – Introduce a specialist recycling scheme that handles more materials than standard household recycling collections.
  3. Install
    – Replace old, inefficient appliances with efficient alternatives.
    – Look for ways to improve the energy efficiency of your business premises.
    – Consider installing solar panels to supply your own energy!

Switch to green electricity

The simplest way to become a green business is by switching to a renewable energy supply. Not only will you be powering your business using sustainable resources, but the odds are that you’ll be taking advantage of industry-leading customer service. Green electricity suppliers are some of the highest-rated by customers.

To start of your journey towards running your business more sustainably, compare green business electricity prices at

Utility Saving Expert is the UK’s leading socially-conscious comparison site. Comparing trusted energy providers including a wide range of eco-friendly tariffs, you can switch to a green tariff in minutes.

It’s completely free to use and generates impartial results that show the best possible deals, tailored to suit your business needs.

Communicate that you care

Don’t discount the positive effect that going green can have for employee satisfaction. Creating a culture that values sustainability will reinforce your business ethos.

By introducing realistic plans and communicating changes clearly, you can welcome your team into the initiative and encourage them to be part of the change.

Finally, if taking steps to improve your sustainability is speaking the same language as your customers, this is a story that you should tell.

From switching to green electricity to longer-term environmental changes, sharing the steps you are taking to deal with global issues is important. Show that your brand cares about the future, and your customers will care about your brand.

When one talks about green and renewable energy, what comes to your mind? Well, for me, I think about those large wind farms where all you can see are huge white metal wind turbines; and also I think about solar farms filled with solar panels. Solar panels are actually some of the most amazing creations till date because they harness the energy from the sun and they give us the one thing that we need the most to carry out our everyday activities; they give us electricity.

These two things are actually becoming an increasingly common and also a welcome sight in so many places around the globe because these two are some of the best ways to generate electricity is the greenest way possible. You may be wondering what the benefits of renewable energy may be. Well, there are so many of them actually. In this guide, I will actually be listing out some of the best benefits of renewable energy.

  • They help improve our health, because we would be breathing clean air if there are lesser pollutants in the air.
  • There will be significantly less global warming, and that is a fact indeed. Because of reckless human activities, the world is literally on fire (the Australian fires that have claimed the lives of 480 million innocent animals). When we make use of clean energy, there would be almost nothing released into the atmosphere that would cause global warming. The reckless human activities are overloading the atmosphere with too much carbon dioxide and also all other kinds of global warming emissions. These gases actually act as a blanket which traps the heat inside, and the result would be a rise in global temperatures, which later melts the ice near the poles. This is resulting in a rise in the sea levels, which later starts affecting the coastal cities.
  • The most renewable energy sources have actually been known to produce very little to no global warming emissions at all. That is why the word “renewable” is even there in it. Electricity generation from biomass can actually have a wide range of global warming emissions, and that would depend entirely on the resource.
  • It also helps the general public breathe cleaner air because these machines that generate clean energy release no harmful gases or any kind of emissions into the atmosphere. That is why people who are living in places like Delhi would rather prefer a gas chamber than going to the most polluted places in their own homeland. It is also said that the air that they are breathing in their own homes is very toxic, and many are developing lung-related issues because of that.

Renewable energy is also known as clean energy; energy that has no horrible effects on the environment, but it has proven to help the environment a lot indeed. The generation of electricity by using natural resources like sunlight, wind and even water is the best way to get clean electricity indeed. Windmills and solar farms are actually powering a very clean energy revolution, and in this guide, I will talk about everything that you should know about it. Renewable energy is actually booming, and people are actually really excited about it, and many of them are actually adapting it indeed. It actually helps when bringing down the costs, and it also starts to deliver on the promise of the clean energy future that we all dream of. American solar and wind generation is actually breaking all kinds of records. One of the biggest companies that is shattering all kinds of records is Apple Inc. This company has actually come out and said that all of their facilities in the United States of America (the manufacturing facilities, the retail stores, the research facilities, every single building that is a part of Apple Inc) runs on 100% green and renewable energy. That is something that we should all be very proud of because it is one of the biggest companies in the world has actually started doing something that will benefit the environment and the world in such amazing ways indeed. They have actually laid down countless solar panels and also large windmills where they harness and generate clean electricity indeed.

You should also know about nonrenewable energy. This is also known as dirty energy. This would include the use of fossil fuels like gas, oil, coal, diesel and petrol as well. The source of energy that harm the environment with every use and also the energy that is not exactly available in abundance is ‘dirty’ energy. It would actually take millions of years to replenish indeed.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that, nonrenewable energy is only available in some landmasses (some specific parts of the world) and making them a lot harder to come by indeed. Well, doesn’t every single country have access to sunshine and wind? When the situation is like this, why can’t we adopt a cleaner and greener way to generate electricity?

Start implementing solar panels into your home. It would be best if you started harnessing solar energy and that can actually be used to power your homes. Instead of using the dirty energy that the government sells you, you can use the energy that you have harnessed yourself.

See if you can install a decent-sized windmill which will give you enough electricity to power your home. See if you can get both done. That would be the best option.

When we make use of renewable energy, we are actually doing the earth a huge favor because we are not eating up all of the fossil fuels which we are actually running out very quickly. It is an important action that we should take so that we successfully reduce the impact on the environment. The production of electricity is actually one of our most important priorities because so much of our lives actually depends on the fact that we have proper access to electricity.

When we start using green and renewable energy, we are actually reducing the harmful smog that is released into the air. There is also much lesser buildup of toxic gas that is really harmful for all of us. We are beings that require clean air to carry out proper and peaceful activities. If you want examples of places where people are struggling because of horrible air qualities, we can talk about the hell that is being faced by individuals in places like New Delhi in India and also China. Energy efficiency is one of the most important things that we should consider because when we promptly follow it, the quality of life that we lead will also significantly get better. In times like these, we should appreciate companies like Tesla that is making some of the best vehicles on the market; these vehicles are filled to the brim with some amazing features, and they run on electricity, and they do not affect the environment at all. They are also some of the best performing vehicles on the market, and they also have some of the best electric motors as well. They are the perfect solution to multiple crises that we are currently facing. I feel that our generation will only face a small percentage of problems from the environment, and the next generation will be the one that will face the full grunt of it. We should make sure that we leave behind a cleaner and much better world for our future generations.

We should try and simplify the problems we are facing, and we should look at the solution that is in front of our eyes. The solution would be that we should make sure that we make use of the resources that this earth is giving us in a much more responsible way. Without energy, we cannot do 80% of the things that we do in our everyday lives. That is why, we should make sure that we do everything we can to make sure that the natural resources are used responsibly and that we try and stop releasing pollutants to the atmosphere. Energy security is pivotal.