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Solar thermal

On Monday 13th August 2018, households with an average 4.6m2 solar thermal installation may expect to see approximately 63% of their hot water requirements generated by the sun, during this time period.



This is the equivalent to:

  • 0.58 litres of oil
  • 0.53m³ of gas
  • 4.4kWh for an electric heater
  • 1.0kg of pellets

To come up with these figures a number of statistical and technical assumptions are made:

  • An average solar thermal installation is 4.6m2 and sits on a south facing roof.
  • The average hot water tank for those households with an average solar thermal installation is 210 litres.
  • The average household uses 122 litres of hot water a day.

With the insolation and temperature data [W/m²*h] given by EPICES on an hourly basis for every virtual point, the production data is calculated for the solar thermal technology, by introducing the insolation data into a thermal model specifically designed for the project.  This model is an adaptation of TRNSYS software which takes weather changes into consideration.

Not getting this out of your solar thermal?  Have a look at the 'How it works' page to see if there is something that might be affecting the productivity of your system.