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Solar photovoltaic

On Monday 13th August 2018, an average household solar PV installation of 3kW, could have supplied approximately 9.3 kWh of electricity. This is the equivalent to 89% of an average UK households' electricity requirements* during this period.

* does not include those households that use electricity for heating their home.



To come up with these figures a number of statistical and technical assumptions are made:

  • An 'average' PV installation has a size of 3kW, sits on a south facing roof with a roof tilt of 35 degrees.
  • The average household size is 2.3 people and the average annual electricity consumption per household (excluding those who use electricity for heating) is 3,790kWh

The software model used to provide the percentages uses the EPICES monitoring service to obtain irradiance data and daily or weekly 'virtual' PV production points for any location in Europe.  As you can see on the map in the right-hand column, the UK has 58 'solar points' from Wick to Penzance; locations around the UK for which we receive this irradiation data.

Not getting this out of your PV system?  Have a look at the 'How it works' page to see if there is something that might be affecting the productivity of your system.