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What is WeatherEnergy?

The installation of renewable technologies has become increasingly commonplace in recent years, particularly energy generation using the sun – most of us will have seen solar panels on the roofs of homes and businesses at some point.

Whilst we may recognise renewable technologies when we see them, we don’t always know how much energy they really generate, when they generate it and the impact this could have on an average households energy needs and household bills.

WeatherEnergy* helps bridge this knowledge gap by providing daily and weekly figures for the energy generation of an average household solar PV and solar thermal installation** as well as an indication of how many households could have been supplied with electricity based on the capacity of the UK's existing wind turbines. 

Obviously, the weather throughout this country is a rather varied - we're famous for it - therefore, the solar data is gathered from 58 points across the country, from Lands End to John O'Groats and 56 places inbetween - look on the map to see which point is closest to you.

Designed to help people realise the very real potential the sun and wind pose as an everyday energy source, this website is valuable to both those considering installing a renewable technology at their home and those who are using solar PV and/or solar thermal and would just like to know how it’s doing.




*   UK partner of the European EnergizAIR project, supported by Intelligent Energy Europe Programme

** The figures generated are based on the following assumptions

  • average solar PV installation - 3kW

  • average hot water (thermal) installation -

  • average annual household electricity consumption - 3,790 kWh

  • average household daily hot water consumption - 122 litres